what is piRAWnha?

piRAWnha is a powerful raw image developer for iPad.  The iPad allows users to view the JPEG thumbnail image embedded in the raw image file, but cannot process the raw data itself.  With piRAWnha, you can edit the raw data itself and, once you’ve found the settings you want, export a high-quality JPEG image file to your PhotoLibrary (under Saved Photos).  piRAWnha supports raw images transferred to the iPad with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and images transferred to the iPad via syncing with iTunes.  piRAWnha supports processing raw images and also supports editing JPEG (and other non-raw image) files from digital cameras.  Processing raw files requires a basic understanding of how digital imaging works. Please see the manual for an explanation of the sliders and menus in piRAWnha, and with a little experimentation, you can get the most out of your digital negatives with piRAWnha for iPad.

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