piRAWnha v1.1 released: transfer photos via iTunes, apply and save presets and edit JPEG, TIFF and PNG files

piRAWnha v1.1 has just been released in iTunes!  We hope you enjoy the new features and please contact us with any questions.

Find us in the App Store!

piRAWnha v1.1 includes a variety of new features:

-Ability to import photos via iTunes, not just the Camera Connection Kit
-Ability to set and save presets for quicker processing of raw images
-Support for editing jpegs and other non-raw image files (png, tiff, etc)
-Ability to create thumbnails when not automatically generated by the iPad
-Toggling between edits via double-tapping, toggling to the original photo via triple-tapping
-Preferences panel
-Various bug fixes

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