Check out some reviews… and share ideas for new features

We had a few reviews published about piRAWnha this week!  Please check them out: PicturePundit and Applesfera.

Also, look for these features in our upcoming version of piRAWnha (v1.2 likely sometime in February):

-piRAWnha will have a “vibrance” slider to boost mid-tone saturation
-piRAWnha will be able to output different image formats
-Is piRAWnha eating too much of your memory? We’re working on a
solution now to put piRAWnha on a diet…
-Cropping & Rotating
-Ratings & Keywords

What image formats do you want?  Do you have ideas for other features?  Let us know!  As always, Contact Us via this site, or you can contact us @piRAWnha or at

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