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Major update- piRAWnha v5.2

piRAWnha 5.2 has just been released and is updated for iOS 7 while maintaining backward compatibility with iOS 6.  It contains numerous new features for serious photographers including Live Unsharp Masking, Levels and Curves adjustments for intensity, red, green, or … Continue reading

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piRAWnha for iPhone is here!

piRAWnha for iPhone is now available in the app store!  piRAWnha for iPhone has many of the same features as piRAWnha for iPad but is optimized for your iPhone. piRAWnha for iPhone has raw developing and post‐processing options, including exposure compensation, … Continue reading

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piRAWnha v3.0 now available! v3.0 offers LivePreview to view edits automatically

piRAWnha v3.0 introduces a LivePreview function to view edits in real-time prior to committing changes.  LivePreview dramatically speeds up the editing process, as users can make fewer edits.  Give it a try!

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piRAWnha v2.0 is here! v 2.0 offers XMP rating and tagging, full resolution viewing and export for iPad 2, exporting as tiff, vibrance control and ability to open RAWs from other apps

Our major update to piRAWnha is now available on the AppStore! Features in our new update: -Ratings/Keywords with XMP file support -Full-size export for all raw images available for iPad 2 -Full-screen display of thumbnail, original, previous, and current edit … Continue reading

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Review by Phoblographer and news about piRAWnha v2.0

Check out a new review of our app by phoblographer! Our new update, version 2.0, is coming out pretty soon. It will feature exporting to a variety of formats, cropping/rotating and support the use of XMP files to import … Continue reading

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Check out the AdoramaTV episode featuring piRAWnha!

Mark Wallace at AdoramaTV recently covered piRAWnha… Check out the video!

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Check out some reviews… and share ideas for new features

We had a few reviews published about piRAWnha this week!  Please check them out: PicturePundit and Applesfera. Also, look for these features in our upcoming version of piRAWnha (v1.2 likely sometime in February): -piRAWnha will have a “vibrance” slider to boost mid-tone saturation … Continue reading

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