piRAWnha v1.1 released: transfer photos via iTunes, apply and save presets and edit JPEG, TIFF and PNG files

piRAWnha v1.1 has just been released in iTunes!  We hope you enjoy the new features and please contact us with any questions.

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piRAWnha v1.1 includes a variety of new features:

-Ability to import photos via iTunes, not just the Camera Connection Kit
-Ability to set and save presets for quicker processing of raw images
-Support for editing jpegs and other non-raw image files (png, tiff, etc)
-Ability to create thumbnails when not automatically generated by the iPad
-Toggling between edits via double-tapping, toggling to the original photo via triple-tapping
-Preferences panel
-Various bug fixes

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piRAWnha for iPad now on sale in the iTunes app store!

Finally, there’s an app to develop raw images on the iPad!

piRAWnha will help you get the most out of your raw images when you’re on the go or at home, no desktop or laptop needed. Simply import your raw images into your iPad via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, edit them with piRAWnha, and share with the world!

piRAWnha features both raw developing and post-processing options, including:

-Exposure compensation
-White balance correction (automatic settings and manual)
-Highlight recovery
-Denoise operations
-Gamma correction
-Saturation-hue-brightness adjustment
-High-quality contrast adjustment
-Updated image histogram (red-green-blue) while editing

Once you’ve found the settings you want, piRAWnha will export a high-quality JPEG image file to your Photo Library.  piRAWnha exports the full-size, high-resolution raw image for images less than 15 megapixels. Raw images larger than 15 megapixels will be exported as smaller images that are one-half full-size in width and height, due to the iPad’s memory limitations.  We think these images are as good, or even preferable, to the full-size images, for all uses except to make very large prints.

Raw images can be exported to your iPad’s Photo Library individually or as a batch. piRAWnha can also run in the background, so while it works to export your images, you can do other things on your iPad; to complete the export process, you’ll need to reopen piRAWnha, and the JPEG files will be saved in your Photo Library.

piRAWnha supports raw images transferred to the iPad with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and works with all raw files supported by Apple (a complete list of cameras is here).  Because of the considerable memory requirements for raw development,  piRAWnha works best when no other iPad apps are running in the background.

piRAWnha, the first raw image developer for iPad, is a true companion for the serious photographer.  Develop, adjust and perfect your raw images with piRAWnha, all for the price of a lens cap.

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what is piRAWnha?

piRAWnha is a powerful raw image developer for iPad.  The iPad allows users to view the JPEG thumbnail image embedded in the raw image file, but cannot process the raw data itself.  With piRAWnha, you can edit the raw data itself and, once you’ve found the settings you want, export a high-quality JPEG image file to your PhotoLibrary (under Saved Photos).  piRAWnha supports raw images transferred to the iPad with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and images transferred to the iPad via syncing with iTunes.  piRAWnha supports processing raw images and also supports editing JPEG (and other non-raw image) files from digital cameras.  Processing raw files requires a basic understanding of how digital imaging works. Please see the manual for an explanation of the sliders and menus in piRAWnha, and with a little experimentation, you can get the most out of your digital negatives with piRAWnha for iPad.

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What is RAW?

Raw images contain data from a digital camera’s sensor with minimal processing.  As such, they can be considered to be a “digital negative” containing nearly all of the information originally captured by the digital camera.  A raw file can be “developed” to create, for example, a standard JPEG file for viewing on the web.  All high-end digital cameras, and many mid-range cameras, offer the option to save images and raw files.

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